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Closing TIF 6

TIF districts are investments in our community's future, there have been 14 in the history of Menasha. They've helped us create the marina, helped Transcontinental Packaging expand, created 'the ponds' neighborhood, brought Faith Technologies here and so much more. This economic development tool has added tremendous new value to our community and new jobs.

I'm very proud to be the only mayor in Menasha history to close a TIF district. In fact, four districts with a fifth scheduled to be closed on Monday.

Closing TIF 6 on Monday will bring another $19 million in tax base to the City, School District, County, and Technical College. That's almost $180,000 in property taxes to the City that can be used to lessen the tax rate for everyone else in the City in 2021.

Closing the TIF also allows us to replenish the Strong Neighborhoods fund with over $500,000 to help renovate homes in Menasha and create affordable building sites. This long term investment in our community through the Strong Neighborhoods program ensures that all the homes and neighborhoods in Menasha are desirable places to live. My opponent believes that the City should choose only certain neighborhoods to be eligible for this program. I adamantly believe that if we are building a City that works for everyone that the program must be available to everyone.

Just as it was designed to, TIF 6 has increased the value of our community both by adding tax base and jobs. Now with it's closure it will help increase the value of our housing and neighborhoods while reducing our tax rate.

Moving FORWARD while investing in the future of ALL our neighborhoods.

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