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Recycling that can be good for the planet and the pocketbook

My opponent wants to raise taxes for everyone to increase recycling pickup to bi-weekly. While this may work for her, it certainly doesn't work for everyone.

There is a better way.

I've talked to hundreds of people regarding recycling pickup, and the ability to put out an extra container for free. Many are satisfied with the current level of service, a few even think that we should go back to monthly pickup to save money. Of those who have concerns the overwhelming issue is pickup over the Christmas holidays.

I would propose adding one additional collection during the holidays to resolve this issue. We could do this without adding an additional truck or additional staffing. This solution addresses overflow issues, doesn't increase taxes, and has a lower carbon footprint.

Garbage trucks are expensive! About $250,000 so Menasha uses our trucks interchangeably for recycling or garbage to save money. That means during holiday weeks when we have extra garbage collections we don't have the needed trucks to also do recycling. We would have to purchase an additional truck and add an additional person to go to bi-weekly recycling, thats about $150,000 a year in increased costs.

Creative solutions move Menasha FORWARD without increasing taxes.

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