• Mayor Merkes

Tree City

What do trees mean to Menasha? If you haven't noticed they mean a lot to me, having recently been presented the Leadership Award from the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council. Trees have meant a lot to Menasha as well, we've been a Tree City for over 35 years, and more recently I lead the way to become a Tree Line Utility and for UWO-Fox Cities to become a Tree Campus.

Did you know that Menasha's street trees provide nearly $300,000 in value to our residents each and every year? That's right reducing stormwater runoff, reducing CO2, improving air quality and even increasing home values.

All this takes money, and that's why I'm so proud of the multiple grants that we've received from private companies, the DNR, and even local residents. With these donations we've been able to not only plant trees but develop plans and inventories to ensure that our trees are healthy for generations to come.

FORWARD thinking keeps Menasha Green

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